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Here are all the specifications
If in doubt, please contact us first.

Boat license

Sailing certificates and certificates vary from country to country, but to charter a sailing yacht in Greece, two persons with an ICC for inland and coastal waters (License II) must be on board or the skipper must provide a statement that a second person is board is with sufficient sailing experience.

Since 1 January 2010, the ICC has been automatically received upon obtaining the Small Boat Certificate 2 on one pass. A Small Boat License or TKN issued before that date can be converted at the VAMEX into a new model with "integrated ICC" (see www.vamex.nl for additional information and the application form).

This agreement with the landlord is based on the tenant's commitment to be qualified to sail a yacht at sea with seamanship and navigation. If the tenant cannot show valid qualifications upon embarkation, the landlord will declare this agreement void and no departure can be made without hiring a captain. If the tenant does not want this, the rent cannot be refunded.

In the absence of a Certificate of License 2 or TKN please contact us for more information.





Transit log

In Turkey and Croatia, a number of landlords have made a transit log mandatory. The transit log is a charter permit (ship documents) issued by the local authorities. In Greece, a transit log is not required.

We are happy to advise. So if in doubt about sufficient experience, please contact us by telephone to discuss. For a relaxing sailing holiday and feeling safe on the boat is of course a prerequisite!

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